5. Fatherhood is fun.



Like, really fun.

I’m raising a rad kid who likes toys and video games and enjoys dancing and god bless his small, bendy body he still can dance. When my wife was pregnant, people would tell me fatherhood was tough, but they also said it was a lot of fun. I’d get to do cool stuff like teach a little person how to throw a baseball or how to use a camera. I get to show my son how to make a pizza, and I get to explain the universe to him before some shitheel at school ruins it for him. I get to play frisbee with him and pretend I can still skateboard. I get to take selfies with him and listen to jokes about poop. I also get to do some of this fatherhood thing in my pajamas. And for every time my son tells me he hates me because I won’t let him eat cupcakes and play Halo on a school night (dude hit me up on Friday), he also tells me that he loves me, and he smiles when I do things with him and he laughs at my poop jokes. This shit is the life. The. Life.

Fatherhood isn’t all surprises and new emotions. Some of this stuff you see coming a mile away. What else was totally not surprising about fatherhood for you?