This is what Playskool isn’t telling you about their #PlayskookHeroes line: it’s for your kid, but it’s for you too. Now, the trick is not buying them all in one fell swoop (see #3 in this article).

The deviously awesome folks at Playskool Heroes know what they’re doing. Head’s up, they compensated me for this post – but the story and opinions are my own. No one told me what to write here, aside from Playskool hoping that I let you know the relevant hashtag (#PlayskoolHeroes!) and tell you what all the toys are. Fair enough, right?

Playskool Heroes Jurassic World

So Playskool provided me with a couple of sets that your kids will love playing with and you’ll love getting nostalgic over: a Transformers Rescue Bots High Tide Rescue Rig (below), the Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex set (above), and (deep breath) the Marvel Super Hero Adventures Iron Man Armor Up Fortress Playset (way above).

Playskool Heroes High Tide

I dig playing with these toys with my son. they’re all aged right in the groove: my son is 6 and these toys are ages 3-7. And at first, I mentioned to my son that if he wasn’t interested in them, we could give them to a friend for his kid. But nope – my son’s been having fun with them since, setting up scenes and saying “hey dad, look!” And I’m always glad to share a moment and a nostalgic throwback with him.

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