Success comes nine months after dad bloggers Voltron’d together to lay pressure on Amazon to change its baby-stuff program, “Amazon Mom“, to “Amazon Family“!

The back story: As early as 2010, dad blogger Oren Miller wrote about Amazon Mom on his siteA Blogger and a Father. Another dad, Chris Routly, wrote about the Amazon Mom problem on his site, Daddy Doctrines in 2012. Somewhere along the line, a dude named Jeffrey Harrington started a petition about the same issue. When Oren Miller passed in late February of this year, dad bloggers not only renewed their efforts, but went ten-fold to honor their friend. You can read our article on the matter here.

We Win

Amazon remained quiet on the matter, even after mainstream media picked up interest in the story. But this last Wednesday, Chris Routly noticed that Amazon Mom‘s microsite now redirects to an Amazon Family site. Success!

This is a great moment for dads, non-traditional families, and even mothers. Why? Because when companies aim their caregiving products, commercials and company names at mothers, the assumption is that mom’s place is at home, taking care of the kids. It reinforces gender stereotypes and ignores the growing number of stay-at-home fathers, work-from-home fathers, and same sex parents, to name a few.

If you’ve been following and supporting efforts to get Amazon to change the program name from “Mom” to “Family” – thank you! It’s all of your support that helped get this issue attention. We, and the other dad bloggers, appreciate your support immensely.