As the father of a young daughter, I am not used to social progress. I’ve come to expect that female politicians will be constantly asked about their appearance. I’ve come to expect that corporations will forget to make toys based on the female lead of their new blockbuster movie. I’ve come to expect that it will take Barbie over 50 years to acknowledge what real women look like. I’ve come to expect that, at every turn, society will find a way to let my daughter down, in big ways and small ways, entirely due to her gender. I am used to being disappointed on my daughter’s behalf.

So, imagine my surprise when I recently encountered some small, hopeful progress for girls in a completely unexpected place – children’s character underwear.

That’s right. There are Star Wars and Marvel underwear for girls right now and it’s kind of a big deal.

No, really.

Why It Matters That They’re Making Star Wars and Marvel Underwear for Girls Now

These did not exist three years ago. Believe us — we looked.

Let me explain — over three years ago, I wrote an article for 8BitDad titled “Buying Boys Underwear for My Daughter: Gender Disparity in Kids’ Character Undies.” It was all about how angry my five-year-old daughter was when she discovered that boys’ character underwear was much, much cooler than girls’ underwear, largely because retailers and manufacturers had decided that most popular pop culture properties were “boy properties.” That meant that boys got St