She even received Star Wars training bras, which A) would’ve been hard to imagine in 2012, and B) as a dad, I am seriously not ready for: 

Why It Matters That They’re Making Star Wars and Marvel Underwear for Girls NowSo, what’s the significance of all of this? It’s hard to say. I don’t think anyone needs to raise a “Mission Accomplished” banner yet. There are still so many serious issues when it comes to gender stereotypes in the children’s clothing world. (Note to retailers – PLEASE cool it with the bedazzling and maybe put some real pockets on girls’ pants, OK?) 

I’m even a little skeptical about how many of these new designs will actually be found in stores. (According to the manufacturer who sent my daughter her awesome care package, Target will have an entire 4 feet of space dedicated to this type of product starting at the end of February. He also noted that Amazon, Wal-Mart, and several other retailers have begun picking up these designs for sale, and you can find those super-cute Star Wars underwear at Kohl’s right now

I have a few other concerns — largely concerned with the cut of the underwear and the continuing, nauseating overuse of pink — but, at the moment, I’m just happy these new designs exist.

They EXIST. They didn’t exist in 2012 and they do exist in 2016. That is progress. That is progress on a teeny-tiny micro-level, but I’ll take it. Because, if we can make small, incremental progress in a field like “character underwear,” maybe we can make small progress in other areas too. And, perhaps, if we’re lucky, thanks to that progress, we can keep chipping away at the status quo until we reshape it into the future that our daughters deserve.

Because if we can’t make our daughters believe in the small stuff – like that they might, one day, have Boba Fett or Daredevil on their underwear (just like their brothers) — how can we ever expect them to believe in the big stuff? That women will be paid the same as men? That women will be represented in government, finance, or popular culture as much as men?

Small victories are important. And, at the moment, I’m reveling in the fact that my daughter got to experience one of those small victories and now, she gets to go out into the world, confident that, occasionally, the world DOES change for the better.

And, when she ventures outside with that knowledge, now she gets to do it with Stormtroopers covering her butt. How cool is that?