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I can’t imagine my life without music. I bring speakers everywhere. I keep one in my bag as part of my everyday carry. I have a speaker I keep in the kitchen for when I’m doing dishes. I even have a speaker I bring outside for when I’m grilling. And I connect to these speakers wherever and whenever I want to make music of my own – through apps or with gadgets. My son loves music too – he goes to bed listening to a streaming station and we’ll oftentimes choose a station while doing homework together.

But my son doesn’t really understand speakers. How do they work? How do they make noise? BOSEbuild set out with an awesome idea – teach kids the science behind speakers and let them build and customize one themselves. That’s the whole idea behind the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Using the companion app, you get a walk-through and a lesson!

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Build a working paper speaker before assembling the real thing!

The building and learning process is super easy and engaging for kids because it’s streamlined through a companion app. You start the app and it’ll tell you and show you exactly what to do – as well as give you cool little “why does this work?” type activities. You’ll find yourself testing an electromagnet, watching and hearing sine and triangle waves while adjusting them, and adjusting frequencies to create great-sounding treble and bass.

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

Assemble a high-quality speaker box with your kids!

Summer’s coming up and this is a cool project to keep your kids’ brains active. It might even inspire a science project for next year’s science fair!

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube

If your kids are into DIY/maker projects, this one turns into a high quality speaker you’ll use for years.

When you’re done with the Speaker Cube build, you’ll have a fully-functional Bluetooth-enabled speaker with color-changing LEDs that can pump along with the beat of the music! My son had a great time learning about sound, speakers and electronics. It was a blast for him to build something, and he felt proud showing off the speaker once we finished. Plus, he’s been begging to keep it in his room so he can drift off to sleep with his music accompanied by a light show. Yeah right, kid. You may have built this, but daddy’s got concerts to enjoy!

Check out the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube in-process and in-action:


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You can learn more about the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube on their site: https://build.bose.com.