(Disclosure: I’m partnered with Netflix as a #StreamTeam member. I was not directly compensated for this article. All words, thoughts and crippling nostalgia are mine.)

Every month, the Netflix life cycle evolves and we get some new content while saying goodbye to some old content. In July, we say goodbye to some old favorites (so watch them NOW before they’re gone) but say hello to some new, sexy content.

First, the good news! Great stuff showing up on Netflix in July!

Two new series and one movie you might have heard of…

First, I have no words. I’m currently laying on the floor in a pool of my own excitement for one thing and one thing only: CASTLE-FRIKKIN-VANIA.

The blood! The slick animation! The unlimited potential for nostalgia! All this teaser trailer is missing is if they used the cross sub-weapon as a scene transition. Are you as stoked about Castlevania as I am? Can we talk about this show? It drops July 7 — hit me on the comments here when it comes out and let’s talk! MY BODY IS READY AND MY WHIP IS POWERED UP!

My wife, however, is not interested in Castlevania. I know, right?! But she caught the teaser for Friends From College and okay, it’s not Castlevania, but looks pretty funny:

Friends From College: Season 1 is available July 14.

If that wasn’t enough!

You may have heard of a little film by the name of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The movie also hits Netflix July 18.

Also notable for July: The Land Before Time (1, 2 and 3 but let’s be honest, you just need the first), E.T., Free Willy (!!!) and The Mighty Ducks hit Netflix on July 1.

The bad news…

Let’s emotionally prepare ourselves to say goodbye to Batman on July 1. The original 1989 movie is a Tim Burton classic. Led by Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, supported by Kim Basinger (Vicki Vale), Pat Hingle (Commissioner Gordon) and  Billy Dee Williams (Harvey Dent), Batman wasn’t just one of the first superhero movies I watched as a kid, but it was the standard! It gave my friends and I schoolyard and little league field quotables such as “why didn’t somebody tell me he had one of those…things,” or “you wanna get nuts! Come on – let’s get nuts!” And of course, the next line, “you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” Oh, oh and the line after that “never rub another man’s rhubarb.” What?!

Ahhhhhh, Batman. You’ll be missed. 

Also leaving Netflix July 1: lifehacker MacGyver: (seasons 1-7), kid’s movie Hugo, and the Mel Brooks comedy classic Blazing Saddles. Finally, if your kids are into robots, be sure to watch The Incredible Bionic Man with them before it takes baby robot steps into the sunset.