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I Never Held a Trophy With My Father
6 years ago

I Never Held a Trophy With My Father

I was reading a story over at Father Apprentice about how Chase Reeves started golfing with his father, who himself started golfing since it’s the international language of casual business outings. As I read Reeves’ story, I remembered a couple of pictures I saw on Facebook of a friend and his father after one of his golf tournaments. It really got me thinking about my friends and their fathers – and then to my own father and I. Unless I’m wildly mistaken, we never won anything together or had pictures of us taken after we father-sonned something.

Oh, I love the guy with all my heart. We’ve got a lot in common, and we’re never short on things to talk about. But we just never had a “thing” like other father-son teams have. No sports, no big activities, no common employer. Not even a small business. Nothing to suit-up for. Nothing major that we built together. No pictures of us with fish, targets, trophies, dead deer, awards, model planes. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I’m okay with not having one of those “things” with my dad.

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