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Star Wars: The Old Republic Unites Generations

By  •  Jul. 27, 2011

Warning, I’m making a big relevancy stretch here, just for the sake of mentioning Star Wars.

Lisa Mason, a writer for SW:TOR Strategies, found a forum member’s odd but …
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DC Superhero, Wizard of Oz, Star Wars, Coca Cola Drinking Glasses Recalled

By  •  Nov. 24, 2010

The Justice League, normally tasked with maintaining the safety of humanity, may actually be killing your child. Drinking glasses with the likenesses of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the …
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How To Talk to Your Kids About Star Wars

By  •  Nov. 20, 2010

I know this should be put in the “Around the Internets” category since it’s just a simple video, but of all the topics we’ve covered at 8BitDad, one of …
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Amazon Launchpad: awesome gifts, unique gadgets, stuff from startups!

By  •  Dec. 23, 2017


(This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Amazon Launchpad for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.)

Let’s jump right in: Amazon Launchpad is a rad place …
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Toy War

‘Toy Wars’ is the War Every Dad & Kid Imagine

By  •  Jul. 7, 2014

When your son or daughter slips on a pair of big, green, foam Hulk hands, they believe that they really have gamma-powered strength. And when they play with plastic …
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Slave Leia Chain Dad

Is the “Slave Leia” Action Figure Appropriate for Store Shelves?

By  •  Jul. 14, 2015

Slave Leia Chain Dad

There’s a dad in New Jersey who is “furious” that Hasbro’s Star Wars Black Series Slave Leia action figure is in toy stores. “That’s pretty inappropriate. I got 2 daughters I don’t need seeing that crap,” he told FOX 29 News Philadelphia.

So I want to know – is the Slave Leia action figure appropriate for toy shelves? Should it be relegated to online-only sales so kids won’t see it in the store?

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Episode 052: 8BitDad vs Christmas Toys

By  •  Dec. 23, 2014

In this week’s episode, we talk Christmas shopping and toys. Disney Infinity! Nintendo Amiibo! Star Wars Command!
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Episode 051: The Episode Strikes Back

By  •  Dec. 8, 2014

In this week’s episode, we nerd out over Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and a teensy bit about Jurassic World.
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