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Top 10 “Must Knows” for Divorced Dads
9 years ago

Top 10 “Must Knows” for Divorced Dads

I was scouring the information superhighway for articles about divorced dads, and ran into an article by Joel Schwartzberg, author of The 40 Year Old Version: Humoirs of a Divorced Dad, (who has a super-90’s counter on his website). He not-so-recently published a top 10 list on The Huffington Post of the “Must Knows” for a Divorced Dad. Joel, I’ll admit, is a little more qualified to write on the topic than I am, but I think his insider’s view might have colored his opinion. Some of his advice is pretty accurate, but other parts seem to come from his heart and not his head.

Being the child of a divorce-torn family, I’ve got a couple talking points for him.

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