Rock Star Father Comes Out As Transgender
7 years ago

Rock Star Father Comes Out As Transgender

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I woke up this morning to my wife asking me, “You’d tell me if you were going to become a woman, right?”. It was too early for a headache and I hadn’t had my coffee yet. She told me she had just heard the news that Tom Gabel, singer of Against Me!, announced that he is making the transition from man to woman.

Wow. This is the first, wait, second, nope, third time a well-known musician has come out to the public with plans to make a gender transformation. I grew up knowing Against Me!, though I was more into rockabilly/old school punk at the time, so this news is relevant to my wife and I. Tom and I were both born in 1980, we both play guitar and sing, we both have daughters that are around the age of two, so it hits close to home and I understood my wife’s light-hearted way of sharing the news.

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