“LOST” Baby Nursery [INTERVIEW]
7 years ago

“LOST” Baby Nursery [INTERVIEW]

Ohhh “LOST”, I can’t quit you. Apparently, neither can Monica and Joao from Portugal. This husband and wife collecting duo have some unique items and aren’t afraid to show it. Their blog,, features an amazing collection that they are both passionate about.

There are photos of everything you could possibly imagine. Some of my favorites include a Terminator 2 T-800 Endoskull, a 1996 bootleg of Nine Inch Nails – Soundquakes: Quake Soundtrack, an authentic special collector’s edition Top Gun U.S. Navy G-1 Jacket and a special edition Borat DVD with Mankini from Australia. If you want to see a room filled with most of their collection, there’s even a 3D overview.

Their home is literally a museum for everything they love… and they’re weeks away from bringing home their greatest love of all.

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