Children Learn Determination from Fathers
8 years ago

Children Learn Determination from Fathers

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Paternal Persistence Study

With the world more competitive than ever, we’re always wondering if our kids will be able to take a bump and keep running toward the goal. Turns out that if you want to know how persistent, tenacious and determined a kid will be, you can check out how determined his dad is for a hint.

Researchers from Brigham Young University conducted a several-year survey of 325 (two-parent) families from BYU’s Flourishing Families Project. Adolescents and their parents were questioned during “Time 2, 3 and 4”, which if we extrapolate some math from their own description, would put participants between 11 and 16. “There are relatively few studies that highlight the unique role of fathers,” said lead researcher Laura M. Padilla-Walker. “This research also helps to establish that traits such as persistence – which can be taught – are key to a child’s life success.”

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