PTA Dads: You Can’t Win (In the Media)
7 years ago

PTA Dads: You Can’t Win (In the Media)

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PTA dads, you can, however, win just by helping schools. I won’t try to pass some contrived line like “in the end, it’s the children that are important,” because – no kidding. But I’m having a hard time running scenarios where PTA dads get to look like normal, involved parents using their talents or training for the good of a school.

I was reading feminist supersite Jezebel, as I usually do past midnight on a day early in the week, and saw an article about fathers joining the PTA. I read the piece, and of course, wanted to cry foul on grounds of the author, Doug Barry’s obvious man-hating. Then, I read the article that Barry was referencing, an NYT article by Kyle Spencer about those PTA dads. I began disliking the dads, just like Barry. What I was left with was the impression that fathers in the PTA have a lot of perception issues they’re up against.

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