Nintendo turned 25 on the 18th.

A sobering realization of how we’ve grown, how we’ve changed and how we’ve evolved. It’s a reflection of what looked possible for the future when we were kids, and what the future of technology could potentially supply and entertain our imaginations.

Today is a new era.

We have 3D movies, hoverboards and flying cars. It’s a time where we can sit down and watch the Cubs finally win a World Series at Cafe 80s with a hot special and a Pepsi Perfect. These are the best years of our… hold up.

Oh right, nothing has changed. Oh well, f*ck it.

Here’s the gallery of a dude’s look back at the best sports games we hyperventilated in front of trying to get the stupid cartridges to work with the original NES.

Sauce: TotalProSports