Babies know literally nothing about the world when your wife craps them out. That’s why the best pranks you can play on them are misinformation-based. The guy from bowed out of the misinformation race, which means you can be the next big star.

Enter ubabub. This furniture company was founded by Australian modernists (you can always spot modernists from their all-lowercase names), who wanted baby furniture to match their home. Natasha and Daniel Dumais, the two crazy-wafer-eating Aussies behind ubabub, make it easier than ever to trick your kids with their Pod series – a crib and bed that look like they’re straight out of 2099.

So, basically, you’ve got until your child goes to school to get them to believe that they live in the future – and since they don’t know what the hell the future is, it’ll be really easy to pull off. Just show them Sci-Fi movies and pass them off as documentaries, and show them Terminator 1 and 2 (but never 3 and 4) and tell them they’re movies about our “founding fathers”. Show them NASA video streams online and tell them that it’s video of…oh, I don’t know…Utah.

Sauce: Ubabub