Even if you’ve gone from Vespa to fixie in your hipster evolution, you can still let your kid dream in fuel-dependent pastel.

European company J.I.P. (Junior In Progress) brings all of the American charm of the filthy, trendy hipster, and smashes it together with the wholesome manufacturing process of Europe – bringing you a wooden rocking scooter that means more to your generation than plopping your kid on a fake horse.

If you are interested in starting your kid on the path to being a street-corner wine and vinyl snob, or if you’re trying to delay your 1-3 year old”s ironic tattoo for a little while longer, grab J.I.P.’s vespa from Amazon (for us Amurricans) or tons of brick-and-mortars in Europe.

In all honesty, I’ll admit, this actually looks pretty cool. Don’t tell anyone I said that though.

Sauce: Inhabitots