If you haven’t had the chance to check out Louis C.K.’s new DVD Hilarious, you’re missing out on something special. While he has uproariously funny material on all topics, he really shines when talking about his daughters.

We linked to a video of Louis a couple of days ago in a clip talking about how people feed their kids chemicals, and then beat them when the child reacts to it. And through a sarcastic and vulgar delivery, Louis C.K. gets to that little grain of truth; in this case, that as a culture, we pump our kids full of chemicals like caffeine, and then blame the child when he or she reacts to it. In another anecdote, C.K. talks about entertaining his daughters’ questions and how when you argue with a child, you’re always the loser.

Non-parenting topics include how technology inexplicably breeds unhappiness, dead people, and his dumb thoughts.

I did give this 4 out of 5 stars because I would have loved for this whole DVD to be about Louis C.K.’s adventures in marriage, divorce and parenting. He’s just so good and natural with his family-based content – but I imagine that it’s that kind of comedy that landed him in divorce court in 2009.

PRO TIP: If you’re not the sit-and-watch-a-stand-up-DVD type, you can also buy C.K.’s routine on CD and listen to it on your commute home from work.

(I don’t know why I ‘shopped in that pic of Louis C.K. in the flak jacket. I guess I just had nothing else funny to add to his DVD cover.)