Hey fathers – is your kid strong-willed? Is he or she completely uncontrollable and inconsolable? Have you ever got to the end of your rope and screamed, “Kid, do you want to end up a compulsive, overweight jerk with some form of gonorrhea?!”

Well, turns out that a super-team of researchers from the United States, Britain and New Zealand have analyzed data from a couple of big studies and found that if your kid’s a jerk at age three, he’s going to be a bigger one at age 32.

The scientists didn’t figure out how to break your kid’s willpower, so that’s up to you and your own devices. But if your kid doesn’t shape up, he can look forward to things like financial trouble, credit card debt, obesity, sexually transmitted diseases and high blood pressure.

The next time your kid is raging because you didn’t give him his cigarettes, think about that. Or, maybe your kid was just born evil and he was doomed from moment-one.