Hey Hipsters!

Holy Taco wants you to think about your kids. Sure, your love of irony is soooooo hilarious now, but think about the questions you’ve got to answer from your kids.

From the article: …”now you’ve got the impossible task of trying to explain your love of irony to your kid. It will be frustrating. Just as frustrating as trying to explain your love of irony to your parents. Congratulations, our entire generation now is an inside joke!

Or is that the point? When we ask our fathers why in all of their photos they’ve got a 70’s porn star look, they answer “because it was the 70’s”. When your kid asks you “dad why do you look like a 70’s porn star,” you’ve got to explain how achingly sh*tgrin ironic it was for you to look like a 70’s porn star when it wasn’t Halloween or the 70’s.

I’m sure if your kid stumps you, you can just think it out while you take a long ride on your fixie and drown your brain in The Shins greatest hits.

Chicks have it easy – hipster style for women is characterized most of the time by thick glasses and chunky sweaters, which makes them look a little more bookish with more slight undertones of punk culture. Hipster men, however, usually end up in silly trucker hats and ill-fitting snarky t-shirts. You don’t end up getting respect from your kid like that…even if you explain to him that his name was taken from some proto-modern-american novel.

Sauce: Holy Taco