It seems like every week, we cover some study that proves that once again, a father’s diet effects their future kid’s health. This time around, the Toronto Sun covers two studies that suggest, as always, that if a father’s got a diet high in fats, that their child can end up with an intolerance to sugar, and an irregular system of metabolizing cholesterol.

So on and so forth.

The article goes on to mention “epigenetics,” which if you google, will kill you. You will be sucked into a big digital black hole, surrounded by science crap. You will be treading raw space matter and drown. I’m telling you this because I care.

We’re making light of it – but studies like this are important – they need to be done and quoted as often as possible so that potential fathers know what they shouldn’t be eating if they want their future kid to be healthy. We all harped on our wives to make sure that they were eating healthy while pregnant, but to know that potential new fathers should be cutting back on certain foods during the “planning phase” of conception (or even the planning phase of marriage!) is something not often talked about.

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