The title’s a little deceptive – but that’s how 8BitDad rolls.

Philip Rice was worried about a rash on his four year old son, Ted’s face. He snapped a picture of it and sent it to a friend of his on Facebook – who just so happened to be a doctor.

The doc told Philip to get his ass (and Ted) to the hospital. Ted was diagnosed in the hospital with acute lymphocytic leukemia. Philip is convinced that the nature of Facebook – where communication happens instantly – is the reason why they caught the illness early. Ted originally had an appointment for the next day with a general practitioner – but commenters on the story, at least, seem to feel like the GP would never have suspected something like leukemia.

Unfortunately, Ted is now in a wheelchair, and has lost all of his hair from the chemo – but his parents remain hopeful, and are looking forward to Ted attending preschool.

Sauce: Daily Mail