First off, British dude Keith MacDonald would like to let everyone know that it’s not his fault that he has so many kids.

“I use condoms,” MacDonald said, (no doubt with a smile), “but they always seem to split.”

MacDonald, who seems like a total catch, now has 11 children with 10 different mothers, but doesn’t have a job. He’s got a bad back (from what exactly?), and is collecting £68.95 ($110.50) weekly in disability – plus £44 ($70.51) weekly in income support.

His current girlfriend, Claire Bryant – is the only gal to have gotten back into a relationship with MacDonald. She’s already the mother of an 11 month old fathered by MacDonald, and is now the latest in the chain, due in early May.

Bryant says it was a one-night stand and a mistake. This is where everyone usually says “impregnate me once, shame on you, impregnate me twice, shame on me.” Bryant also says that there’s a chance that the baby’s not MacDonald’s – since she’d be sexually active with a couple different people in that window of time. Stellar.

Right now, MacDonald’s got a couple potential kids out there too – which would bring his total up to 16.

The Daily Mail estimates that all of these children could cost Britain more than £2 million by the time these kids turn 18.