A father in Australia became so enraged after seeing his kids bullying another that he took them to the police station and had them charged with assault. Read that again. It’s okay, we’ll wait.

The father, only known as ‘Matt’, spoke to a local radio station in Australia about the event, saying that on his way home, he saw his kids – a 17 year old son and 15 year old daughter, “beating the living crap out of this kid.” The victim was 13, and according to Matt, this wasn’t the first time. The kids admitted that they bullied the 13 year old for having glasses – something Matt was bullied about when he was a kid.

So, Matt did what any good dad (in the 50’s) would do – he drove the victim home to his parents, and then drove his kids to the police station.

But, oh, it gets better. The father also sold his son’s car and his daughter’s horse to drive home the punishment. Because every girl wants a pony, so it’s got to be the worst thing in the world to have to sell it. Matt should have cooked horse-meat enchiladas and made the girl sell them on the corner if he really wanted to knock it out of the park.

Back in reality, the kids have requested that the money from the car and horse sale to go to the victim, and the daughter had even written a letter of apology. The court date is set for next month.