Here’s something I learned – you can raise your kid however you want, and expose him to every different corner of the universe, and he’s still going to love “big trucks” for some part of his youth.

Andy, the father-blogger-dude over at has a DIY project you can do with your truck-loving little one: a backdrop for your – I mean his – monster truck toys. Nothing says “kick ass” like a 2D crowd cheering on your toy truck as it flattens the crap out of paper cars.

In all seriousness, this is a cool project. Andy’s got a PDF of the template on his site along with instructions on how to assemble it all.

Best of all, you’re making these with your own supplies and giving the toy industry a middle finger by not buying their oceans of junk. Plus, when your kid is inevitably way too rough with it and something breaks, you can just print and make another.