In the world’s most obvious news ever, a recent study has found that fathers that utilize fast food restaurants as meal options tend to pass the practice onto their kids.

The study, by Alex McIntosh, Karen S. Kubena, Glen Tolle, Wesley Dean, Mi-Jeong Kim, Jie-Sheng Jan, and Jenna Anding, took data from – get this – only 312 families. The families were obtained by “random digit-dialing,” which I’m pretty sure means prank-calling.

Though the results seem laughable to a “normal” and responsible parent – the conclusion is still true: if you, as a father, value a mealtime ritual in the home that consists of family and homemade food, it discourages your children in the long-run from relying on fast food. In other words, if your kids see you eating crap, they’ll eat crap.

The study’s in the May/June edition of The Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

And BTW, the header pic from this post is from the Heart Attack Grill. If that’s bad, I don’t want to be good.