We admit, this isn’t exactly fatherhood news, but it’s got to do with kids. Right now, if you’re interested in this sort of thing, a group of dudes in Indiana are helping sick children, and showing their love for the Mario franchise by raising money for the Child’s Play charity. You can watch these guys live, as they play a bunch of Mario games – and you can even win prizes along the way. You’re late to the party, but there’s still plenty of Mario action to go!

Child’s Play works with hospitals to bring video games, movies and toys to the sick kids stuck in bed all day. If you’d like to donate, there’s links all over the Mario Marathon site.

The Mario Marathon guys aren’t affiliated with Nintendo or Child’s Play – but have been a Child’s Play “platinum sponsor” for the last three years. That basically means they’re awesome at helping kids. What a rad way to help kids, donate to charity, and be part of a global video game community that actually means something!

Check out the link below for their site and stream!