In Matthew Salesses’ Good Men Project column titled “Love, Recorded” he talks about manhood and married life – and now opens up about his first month with his new daughter.

Salesses wrote in mid-July about the “10 Things Every New Fathers Should Know” – and returns with “What I Have Learned About Babies” (sauced below).

The “sections” of Salesses’ article are like journal entries – and a little glimpse into the life of a father – particularly one that has Korean in-laws visiting. As usual, I’m going to ruin the ending for you – Salesses’ most humorous and honest line is the last: “When we see the pediatrician again, we will have a list of questions that will all end with the answer of ‘normal.’ As in, all babies have these problems. How do parents do it, again and again?”

True. Every word.

And what Salesses won’t know (for awhile) is that once you’re out of the every-second-emergency of a newborn, babies get better. Slowly at first – very slowly, actually. It’s worse before it’s better, and every early milestone is a great success and usually a failure or two as well. Every day at the newborn phase is an opportunity to waste money on something – and later, you figure out it was all a waste of time and some stupid natural free solution was best – usually involving you paying less attention to the baby and relaxing a little yourself.

In any event, if you’d like a quick read that hits home for new fathers and seasoned fatherhood vets alike, check out the sauce below.