Gordon Ramsay took time out of his schedule to lay down a lawsuit against his father-in-law and former executive chef, Chris Hutcheson. In the 42-page court document, The Register reports, Ramsay accused Hutcheson of ” hiring IT expert Kevin Fung to use keylogging Trojans to steal passwords from several computers.”

Ramsay had fired Hutcheson last October. Ramsay alleges that Hutcheson added his wife and son to the payroll without approval, and withdrew a pile of money to fund a double-life with another partner and two children.

8BitDad got a hold of Ramsay’s schedule for the work-week, and here are the highlights:

  • Monday: Scream “This wellington is RAWWWWW.” Have editors create montage of me throwing food and yelling “RAW!”
  • Tuesday: Tell a chef that he/she is a donkey.
  • Wednesday: Sue in-laws.
  • Thursday: Shut down the Blue kitchen.
  • Friday: Let two chefs go instead of one, and tell everyone to get some rest because it’s going to be a long day tomorrow.

Family businesses are a difficult mix of, well, family and business. We’ve reported on the brighter side of family business, but as Ramsay and his in-laws illustrate, things don’t always end well.