If you’re a father, grandfather, foster father, stepfather, uncle, cousin, big brother, (breath) or any other male caregiver – and you live in the Charlotte, North Carolina area – you’re cordially invited to a rally TONIGHT!

The Million Father March rally is tonight, August 18, 6:30pm at:

Newell Elementary School
8601 Old Concord Road
Charlotte, NC

*I think that the Charlotte Observer has the incorrect address listed. They list the street address number as 8901, but according to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools site, the street number is 8601, so we went with that.

Organizers want to get out ahead of the first day of school, which for many kids in the Charlotte area, is next Thurdsay, August 25. If you’re a father in the area, 8BitDad urges you to get involved! And if your city is hosting a Million Father March event, let us know and we’ll mention it!