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Review & Giveaway! Easy Lunchboxes
9 years ago

Review & Giveaway! Easy Lunchboxes

When I first started talking to Kelly Lester about her “Easy Lunchboxes,” she suggested that I use catch-phrases like:

  • “eco-friendly!”
  • “waste-free lunches!”
  • “bento lunch box!”

But I insisted that since this is a father’s website, that, no offense to the charm of her products, dudes like me think in a different way. That’s why I’m proud to announce these features of Easy Lunchboxes:

  • Fits a full pork chop!
  • Strong plastic!
  • Fits a full pork chop!

No matter whether you think like me or Kelly, however, I’ve got to say, these Easy Lunchboxes are big winners. Really. Everyone – man, woman and child – have something to use these things for. And despite some very minor details, these containers are one of the more useful tupperware-type things you can use for a toddler’s food and snacks. Okay, that’s over-stating it a little, but Easy Lunchboxes are awesome. And I love them.

Also – 8BitDad and Kelly Lester also wants to GIVE YOU a set for free! Find out how at the end of the review!

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