We are stoked to have our very first episode of 8BitDad up and online! If we seem like podcast noobs it’s because, well, we are. Zach and I literally talked about doing this podcast three days before, so if we seem a little stiff trust us that next episode will be better… hopefully.

Tune into a live stream this coming Sunday, October 16th @5pm on our Ustream channel for interactive hijinks!

This episode covers the following 8bitdad.com stories: 8BitDad Podcast Question Of The Week: Older Games To Play With Kids? CC Chapman Versus Ragú: Is Ragú Father-Stupid Or Father-Hating? Yoplait: You Think You Get It, But You Don’t; Dad Teaches Young Son To Play With Flammable Liquids, Lights Tony Romo Jersey On Fire; Touching Story Posted, Internet Happens

BlipTV: http://blip.tv/8bitdad/episode-001-5634775