Roger Crawford, a 63 year old father climbed to the roof of British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s office yesterday with a banner declaring that “the Family Justice System is NOT ‘in the child’s best interests'”.

Clegg, I’ve been informed by Wikipedia, is the “Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Lord President of the Council and Minister for Constitutional and Political Reform in the coalition government of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.” I don’t know much about the UK, but that sounds like important stuff.

Crawford, along with three other members of UK fatherhood group New Fathers 4 Justice – James Moffat, Paddy McQue and Garry Roe – climbed to Clegg’s rooftop and were there for three hours. The protesters said they wouldn’t come down until Clegg would meet with them. Clegg’s office staff wouldn’t promise a meeting, but said they’d relay the protesters’ questions to him. “I’m not holding my breath that he will respond,” said Crawford, “but we got a lot of support from people because he’s very unpopular up there.”

Clegg had previously made comments that there’s a fatherhood crisis in England and wants fathers back into their childrens’ lives.

Crawford hasn’t seen his daughter for 17 years. He had a tough time fighting for visitation rights, which led him to New Fathers 4 Justice.

Members of New Fathers 4 Justice are known for bringing attention to the family court system in grand fashion. In March of this year, a couple of them scaled Redruth Monument in superhero costumes with a sign that said “children need both parents.” And in July, Crawford and others climbed to the roof of Prime Minister David Cameron’s office.

Check out the sauce for the original story we saw, or read about it on the New Fathers 4 Justice blog.