Disclaimer: A fair warning that this post doesn’t make it into the full-on ‘parenting’ galaxy, it’s for 8Bitr’s that have a love Star Wars (father-related line is at end of post).

So, you know how it goes: you’re trolling Facebook, looking at your feed, then a photo like this scrolls by…

(Sorry cowboy, you gotta jump to lightspeed. This piece of junk is HUGE.)

THIS showed up in my news feed tonight, as a share by a friend Mike C. from a German site called “Nein, Stil ist nicht das Ende des Besens”, which is translated to “No, style is not the end of the broom”. *shrugs* Crazy Germans. As a musician as someone that loves music, and a geek, I was completely blown away. Not only because I’m in the realm of Star Wars nerdom, but mainly because this never hit my radar this past year (mainly because I was transitioning jobs/moving yada yada I don’t know).

A quick search revealed this guitar to be not just a bass, but an actual functional guitar WITH a video popping off at urlesque. It was built from the original Millennium Falcon toy model rereleased in early 2000’s with illuminated hyperdrive.

It doesn’t stop there.

The first sightings of this guitar, which originally featured a bass, showed up in December of 2009 in a Flickr feed by Eye-Sack. This was only a prop in a storefront window in Santa Cruz (props for taking the picture from a ‘Driod’). It’s proven lack of functionality stole the wind directly from the internet sails and was immediately dropped like a “Drink Your Ovaltine” bender.

The giant photo above is a new model. A new and functional model. And has it where it counts. You can totally tell by the maple Fenderheadstock that it is in fact different, and no photos that we know of have been made public until this year.

My question is: WHY DID THIS TAKE SO LONG?!

I’d be interested to see if this will actually take off as a consumer model of guitar, which brand would take it on, and when it would become available. With the recent push of Back To The Future shoes, I can see this being a viable commodity for collectors as well as musicians.

I wonder what my daughter would think of daddy having a guitar like this?