Oh, so you didn’t know that 8BitDad was having a Halloween costume contest. Well, we were, and it was unannounced, and Deviant Art user eric3dee just won it. So, sorry. And there’s no consolation prizes or honorable mentions.

The father, who we only know as eric3dee, is an animator, and obviously, a Legend of Zelda fan. eric3dee and his wife thought that their 20-month old son looked like a little Link, and bless the crap out of them, they ran with the idea.

I saw this on Unreality Magazine, but in the interest of not sending you somewhere just so you can go somewhere ELSE once you get there, the sauce link will take you right to the DIY how-to and gallery on Instructables.

For a super-rad bonus, here’s a snippet they made of their kid with Navi.

So yeah, this just happened. You’ve still got time to re-think your kid’s Halloween costume, but let’s be honest – eric3dee just blew it right out of Hyrule.