This isn’t really a review, so much as a nudge to pick up a free gift. If you’ve got a little kid and you still buy into the evil regime of Christmas (kidding, I guess), then boy-howdy do I have an app for you to try. It’s the “Toca Hair Salon Christmas Gift” which is the Japanese game show way to say “Toca Xmas Salon.”

This FREE app, by the good folks at Toca Boca, is like crack cocaine for a toddler-aged kid. Your kid can choose to either cut Santa’s hair or prune a Christmas tree. There’s not much to this app, except that you get to cut, style and color Santa’s hair. Somehow, it also hypnotizes kids.

The best part of this app is that, of course, it’s free. Toca Boca make quality games, so this freebie is a wonderful way to see if your kid will like the other games – and if he or she likes the Christmas Salon, you can purchase the full Toca Salon (with more hairy patrons and more tools) for just $1.99. That’s less than two bucks, you cheap jerk. Look at all the fun crap you can do to Santa:

Want to give Santa a mullet? A STLB? A mohawk? An emo sweep? A comb-over? A jarhead crew cut? A Friar Tuck? All possible.

The best part is that by going to the app’s options (through your settings screen), you can turn off the little news icon on the title screen, as well as sounds, or photo-saving. In a 3 year old’s hands, your Camera Roll can fill up quickly, so it’s best to turn that option off.

If I’ve got any complaint about this app, it’s that on the character-choice screen, there’s a miniscule little banner to “get the full version with 6 characters.” Sometimes, if my kid’s all hopped-up on Vidal Sassoon, he taps that banner and ends up in the app store. But hey, Toca Boca’s trying to legitimately sell me something in their graciously-free app, so I think if I complain about it, it’s like kicking Santa in the ornaments. And who wants to do that?!

Also, apologies to the Jews for total exclusion in this app. Christians and pagans get all the fun this time around. So, if you’re a Christian or a fun-loving pagan, check out Toca Boca’s “Toca Hair Salon Christmas Gift” for free in the app store. And, of course, make sure to pick up another iPhone so you’ll have something to text message on, since this one will now be held hostage by your budding stylist.