Everyone should have known something was up when Santa asked “y’all been good?”

Yet when Santa brought all of these 2nd graders in North Carolina the exact toy they asked for in their letters to him, the kids jumped for joy. All but one, that is – a little girl named Bethany, who wanted her dad home from Iraq.

Bethany’s dad, Wyndal Arnold, is an electrical infrastructure contractor in Iraq. He’s been there so much that Bethany and her father had only seen each other less than two weeks in the last two years. You can, of course, guess where this is going.

You can read this story on the CBS News sauce, but if you really want to do it right – watch the video:

First off, is someone cutting onions in here?

Second, Santa’s got big shoes to fill next year when dad’s already home and she really does want a Nintendo 64.

In all honesty, this video is an incredible example of how people are keeping alive the idea of “the miracle of Christmas.” And, well, yeah…I cried.

Thanks to Daniel Ferguson for sending us this story!