Let me preface this by saying if you’ve seen our video podcast, you know I’m a mac dad (not a “mac daddy”). I’m also about 2.5 months late on this apparently – since my wife and I have the Tivo‘s and hate watching commercials.

The ‘grocery-store-dad’ caught my eye as I was watching the NFL Wild Card Playoffs between the Giants and Falcons on live TV tonight (go Giants! Get Green Bay even though odds are against you!). Naturally, I haven’t seen this 30 second spot by Microsoft until now.

Hot off the heels of our Dadvertising 2011 recap when it comes to commercials, I normally don’t see a lone dude picking out items in a grocery store without looking like a sheltered animal that’s just been released into wild to fend for himself in a blinding array of whip-pans and dizzying camera angles – I don’t know what commercial I’m referencing but I just naturally assume that there’s a commercial out there just like that. It’s the f*cking truth. Needless to say this one defeated all stereotypes despite how accurate and left me giving a mental “standing-o” at the end of the 30 seconds. It gave me hope, here’s why.

Basically, the actor dad wasn’t a doofus. He’s a modern dad that’s connected to his family both emotionally and technology-wise. And thankfully, Microsoft ‘gets’ that while advertising a situational utility for one of their patented apps. OneNote is an app much like Stickies where you can write notes (handwritten or typed), drawings, screen clippings, and audio commentaries and then share them with other users of Microsoft OneNote over the Internet. The most up-to-date version is cloud-based so there’s push notifications that get sent directly to your device and computer.

In the commercial you see the kids hijacking the family ‘puter, attempting to get the dad to buy treats – assuming it’s from the mom, which you see coming to investigate the giggles in the background. The dad 1up’s them with a “Do your homework” slam that leaves the kids dumbfounded and bewildered.


So big props to Microsoft for rising above any blatent Mac Attack ads and heading towards the family unit. It’s a great look into the family life of the modern man. Though I still won’t download Silverlight. So there’s that.