“I knew people would react this way”, says Sydney Spies mother, Miki. “It’s artistic. It’s stunning.” I guess a half-naked photo of your daughter going up some stairs like she’s Mae West is artistic for you, but there are more stunning photos of women out there that have more class and did not get their clothes out of a dumpster behind an Arby’s.

I get the whole right of expression thing and I get the individualist and personal nature of it all, but comeon. This is high school. And to top it off, this is pretty damn bush league compared to what other teenage girls are up to. So step up your game or get off the playing field to make room for more qualified attention whores.

Whatever. There’s a lot more interesting stories out there for us to cover but I couldn’t help notice the lack of a dad which kind of proves this point: girls need a father figure, or at least someone to beat the crap out of the photographer when he said, “Okay, now throw your arms back and stick your ass out.” But mommy likes it because it’s artistic.

NBC created a poll with the current results above. Go figure.