This is a video directly from my friend Michael Touna, who posted this tonight. It’s fresh, it’s original, it’s fantastic.

Brief history: our paths crossed professionally a few years back while we worked together in the same building. After getting to know each other on a more personal level, we learned that our respective wives’ due date was within months of each other. I had a daughter and 2 months later he would had a son. We appeared to be the complete opposites yet we were both kindred spirits in our life experience. As a future father, it was awesome to go through most of the pregnancy phases alongside him as he helped to construct his future family. We had been strangers years before, but now had something in common to bond over and talk about. It was pretty awesome.

I’ve kept in contact with Touna since my departure from the same company we worked at and he has since ventured into Canada for more positive financial reasons. Though our aspirations to hang out as families on a semi-regular basis have been diminished for the time being, it’s been a treat to see his family’s progress as his son has grown seemingly alongside my daughter – though we’re both miles apart and hours away from each other now.

Instead of posting a boring video of his son’s first steps, Touna decided to create an homage to Martin Scorsese and one of the best films ever made: Goodfellas.

Special thanks to Michael and Karen for publishing this video and publishing a cute kid.