Xzibit took to Twitter this week to thank his fans for their support while he dealt with his father’s illness. Xzibit, born Alvin Joiner, a west coast rapper and host of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” tweeted on Sunday that his father had one of his legs amputated due to a complication with diabetes.

Just yesterday, Joiner got back on Twitter to thank his loved ones “sending support and well wishes for my dad. We fully appreciate it.” And just this morning, Joiner gave everyone a positive update and a #thanks, letting fans know that his father’s “doing well” and that the facility his dad’s at is “doing wonders.”

It’s good to see a celebrity and a rapper get on Twitter and talk to people and thank them for their support, outside of the actual rap universe.

8BitDad hopes Mr. X-to-the-Z is able to help his father power through this tough time. Best of luck to Joiner and his father! A son’s love and support is of immeasurable power, and I’m sure Xzibit Senior appreciates having a kid that is willing to be by his side when things get tough.

Editor’s Note: I met Xzibit once when I was working at a Best Buy in Woodland Hills, California. He was such a genuine guy and didn’t at all pretend like he was above people in the store. Also, I felt like an idiot asking to see his driver’s license to confirm his credit card.