This is a wonderful moment between a father, Sgt. Adam Page and his 6-year-old daughter, Bailey. Unfortunately NBC’s Today Show was there to f*ck it up. Now, this is just a hunch, but I suspect NBC – just like every other news network – was trying to get in on the sweet viral *click* action that is Welcome Home Blog. Instead, the camera operator invasively moved around the father and daughter like he was shooting porn. Seriously, check it out and tell me they both didn’t look slightly annoyed.

Sorry, ratings porn.

Now I don’t want to get into the similarities of how it looks like the camera dude used to shoot porn, because I’ve already said “porn” way too much in this article.

Basically, the moment could have been allowed to be more tender if a news crew didn’t occupy 1/2 of the classroom with a camera guy and his boom mic operator homeboy. Not to mention the other kids look like they were made to sit in the background like extras.

I’m all for the surprise moment between the father and daughter, I just think it would’ve been perfectly fine to shoot it from further away and more discretely.

THAT ASIDE, I’m happy dude got the attention from a major news outlet and now this moment is preserved online for others to watch and be inspired for years to come. Bailey Page is absolutely adorable and I’m happy she is able to hug her daddy again.

“How did you ever make it, dad?”

“That’s my only birthday present I wanted, is you.”


Soldiers that come back from tours never want to be called heros and they demand that medals be dedicated to their fallen brothers. Not every soldier has children, but those that do know that seeing their children again is more valuable than any medal that could ever be bestowed.