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ModernMom Asks if Dadvertising Is Aimed at Mom
9 years ago

ModernMom Asks if Dadvertising Is Aimed at Mom

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We’ve been doing a fair amount of talk here about “dadvertising” lately – that is – ads involving or aimed at fathers. But what if these dadvertisements weren’t for fathers, but rather featured fathers to get to mothers? This is the question that ModernMom blogger Liz Hawks kicks around to varying degrees of success. And thanks to my buddy Kat Gordon, Founder of Maternal Instinct for bringing this article to my attention.

First off, let me just get this out of the way: Damnit, Hawks – let us have something. We’re finally starting to see commercials with a positive portrayal of fathers, and you’re going to make me think that marketers and ad wizards are just trying to get to you?!

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