In short: a Chinese father brought his family to New York to celebrate Chinese New Year (or CNY if you’re the acronym type). Sometime during the trip, the boner disrobed his 4 year old son, Ho Yide and made him run and do pushups in the 5° snow to develop what he calls a “masculine temperament.”

Also, the father, He Liesheng, says that it’s this kind of awesome parenting that helped Ho Yide overcome being born prematurely with water on the brain and may have cerebral palsy. Liesheng uploaded the video he shot of the incident and even people in China criticized the treatment. Liesheng says that he had drawn up exercises for his son his whole life, but the near-naked run was special. “The naked run on Chinese New Year’s Eve just represents my good wish for the coming year,” Liesheng said. Okay.

According to China Daily (my personal choice for Chinese news!), “The father said he is confident in this style of education because he majored in education in university and worked as a teacher for seven years before becoming a businessman in Nanjing.” Oh, well we didn’t know your credentials, sir. Sorry! Liesheng says that all the physical training has even helped his son’s IQ.

A doctor from – get this – China-Japan Friendship Hospital in Beijing, has totally vilified Liesheng’s treatment, saying that not only is the cold weather training unhelpful, but claiming that it increased his IQ is impossible.

The Chinese are calling him “Eagle Dad” since eagles are, I guess, known to push their babies out of the nest to urge them to fly. First of all, whenever there’s a new dirtbag or parent caught doing something terrible, can we not come up with a cutesy name for them? It only makes the person marketable and molds them into some sort of reality television hero. This whole idea of the “Eagle Dad” makes him a character to love instead of a parent to disdain.

Second, there are plenty of men in this country, He Liesheng, that wouldn’t consider doing exercise in the snow as any part of being a man. They’re called Southern Californians.

Not to make a complete joke about this story, but WTF, people? Seriously. And now he’s probably back in China high fiving a CCTV exec while they develop a show in which Liesheng trains prematurely-born children to be men at age 4, whipping them with car antennas while they run laps on alternating tracks made of fire and ice.

Great, and if they weren’t already thinking of that, now they are.

But seriously, cut this out, world. If you have some crazy idea that you think might be controversial, tell five friends about it and take a consensus. If three shake their head, you drop it and just take your kid to the zoo.