While the NY Daily News is celebrating the $731 million “squeezed” out of “deadbeat dads,” the New York Post tells a different story – of a compassionate New York that got more money out of these fathers by working with them instead of cornering them at gunpoint.

Fathers behind on payments received counseling, job preparation training and money budgeting help, which initially worried Robert Doar, New York Commissioner of the Human Resources Administration. “But as it turns out with many of our fathers, if you go about it that way, you’re more likely to get collections.”

So, whether the more true account was the NY Daily News‘ version, where Mayor Bloomberg tracked down deadbeat fathers and “squeezed” them until all their money fell out of their pockets, or the New York Post’s version, where fathers unable to pay were given training and support to do so – we’ll never know. But it seems like a lot was accomplished (a 4.5% increase in collections) by treating the fathers with dignity and merely asking what can be done to remedy the situation.