What’s more special than a handmade card on Valentine’s Day? A handmade Star Wars card on Valentine’s Day! These adorable do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day cards by artist, Katie Cook, have a place in every geek’s heart. With the recent re-release of Episode I – The Phantom Menace in RealD 3D (which, I must say, is pretty awesome), this is a cute and timely card for your kids to distribute at school. I’m not sure how far this would get you if you printed this out for friends or your significant other, but it’s worth a shot if you’re looking for last minute cards before you leave work today!

These 4 cards plus the DIY envelope are so brilliant I wanted to know who exactly Katie Cook was. I contacted her and she was awesome enough to answer a few questions! Download the card designs and check out her interview after the jump.

Katie Cook is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and self-proclaimed nerd. She’s done licensed work for DC, Marvel, Star Wars, HEROES, Lord of the Rings, and more. For her, drawing nerdy things for a living is the best thing ever.

Download Katie’s Valentine’s card PDF template here.

Q&A With Katie Cook

8BD: Has drawing for a living always been a dream for you?

KC: I’ve always wanted to be an artist. My parents tell me stories from when I was in kindergarten of me drawing in the margins of worksheets and desks! My biggest inspiration are other artists, past and current. I love to look at another artist’s work, stories, etc., and pull from them. They inspire me to create artwork AND be a better artist!

8BD: When did your passion become a reality?

KC: I went to college and got a BFA in illustration. While I was still in college, I really pushed to start becoming a professional cartoonist. I got some lucky breaks and it’s what I do for a living now!

8BD: How did you get involved in working for the Star Wars franchise?

KC: I had been posting a few pieces of (of all things) Star Wars fan art online! Things like that get you noticed, don’t think that they don’t. If you have a unique take on characters that have been done a million times the same way, people will hire you!

8BD: What other licensed work have you created for Star Wars?

KC: I’ve worked on trading cards, art prints, comics, and apparel!

8BD: What else can we look forward to seeing from you in the future?

KC: You can look forward to seeing more comics from me! Nothing I can mention, but it’s good stuff!

8BD: Do you see yourself involved in kid’s books in the future?

KC: I’d love to do kids books! It’s a major goal in my life. I’ve written several, I just need the time to draw them up!

8BD: What advice would you give to other parents regarding the nurturing of their children’s passion?

KC: My parents were VERY supportive of me wanting to be an artist! They best advice I can give is to be like them. They always bought me paper, paints, colored pencils, anything I wanted to try to draw with. They bought me “how to draw” books, books on great artists. They told me to go for it and be whatever I wanted to be. They never told me that I should try and be a dentist!

Thanks to Katie for taking the time to answer a few questions. For more of her work, check out her Deviant Art page. You can also find her at katiecandraw.com.

Additional DIY Star Wars Valentine’s Day Cards

Artist, Grant Gould was recently added to the Valentine’s Day card DIY download with some Phantom Menace heart-shaped cutouts!

Download Grant’s Valentine’s card PDF template here.

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