In a piece titled “Why Brands Should Enable the New Dad” yesterday, Matt Carmichael talked facts and figures about the recent father research by The Parenting Group and Edelman. What they found is that fathers feel that they’re doing a whole lot of grocery shopping and not getting credit for it.

Carmichael says that basically anywhere between 40% and 70% of dads say that they’re doing the grocery shopping for their household. The graphic above is from The Parenting Group and Edelman, minus our always-rude vandalism.

There’s some disconnect with the numbers, especially when both moms and dads were asked about grocery shopping. Turns out both genders think they do a bulk of the shopping. Oopsies.

Carmichael notes that 82% of fathers whose kids are less than 2 years old feel like there’s a societal bias against dads. Among all fathers, the number drops – not much – to 66%. And why not? With commercials that celebrate dad’s ineptitude in the kitchen and the nursery, it’s easy for dads home on paternity leave to get a bad taste in their mouth while taking in some daytime television.

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Probably the most interesting (but certainly not astounding) fact: “Only 32% of dads — 70% of whom say they do the grocery shopping — said their own dads did the shopping,” says Carmichael. This is important because it shows a need for brands to evolve with fathers and change their typically maternally-reinforcing campaigns.