Though we weren’t fond of the Huggies “dad test,” a couple of people have conducted their own father-based scientific studies, and here’s one we can get behind: The Windows 8 Dad Test.

This was nothing official – from what I got out of the videos, Lockergnome tech blogger Chris Pirillo recorded had made a video of his father using the Windows 8 Consumer Preview, then another blogger made one as well. The result: our parents don’t think Windows 8 is intuitive.

Here are the two videos from the Infoworld sauce:

We’re actually slowly sliding out of the years where computers confuse the elderly, but if Windows 8 is still actively able to confuse our parents, it might need a rework. As the Infoworld article points out, infants can master the iOS interface within an hour.

Maybe it’s time to rework some focus groups!