While watching the NCAA this year, many viewers used the commercial breaks to run to the bathroom, update their brackets and throw another batch of jalapeño poppers in the oven (or fryer). Bob Cook, on the other hand, watched the commercials. That’s when he saw the one for Transamerica. You know, the one that suggests that if dad’s dead, everyone’s better off.

Cook, a contributor to Forbes, has a keen eye. While us 8Bitrs are cherry-picking the easy stuff, Cook read between the lines. In the commercial, the wife and kid have a better life now that dad’s dead. “But it’s that nobody seems all that broken-hearted you’re no longer there,” says Cook. “The big house is part of a major sigh of relief you’re no longer there.”


Cook notes that there’s no easy way to approach the idea of life insurance. Insurance agents smell blood in the water when you have a kid. Or, amniotic fluid, I suppose. Has any father not been called by their insurance agent the day after their kid was born and given the ol’ hard-sell on taking care of your precious family “just in case.”

Here’s the Transamerica commercial Cook is talking about:


Cook mentions that Thai Life Insurance has much better commercials – ones that “certainly don’t make you feel like your family should be actively engaged in plotting your demise.” LOL. GG, Bobby. GG.