awkward father & son baseball

It’s officially baseball season, and that means stadiums packed with fairweather fans and – come to think of it – fair weather. But it’s also a great time to take your kids to a ball game, and John Fabris of the OC Register knocked 20 tips for doing so right out of the park.

At first, you’ll think “20? Can’t we do this in five?” You can, but Fabris is just so darn convincing. And Fabris, we should mention, specifically talks about bringing your kids to an Angels game, but almost all of his suggestions are suitable for any team, coast to coast.

Only one of Fabris’ suggestions is a touchy subject among dad-blogger-types: “Tip 11: Get your girl a pink Angels cap.” With many dad-bloggers actively fighting the pinkification of girl toys, we’d all suggest buying her whatever cap she wants – pink, red, blue, black, white, or other. But that’s just being picky.

Otherwise, Fabris has a great list of suggestions like using the “late inning upgrade” to wander down toward the front and let your kids see the action a little closer, and picking up a big bag of peanuts at the grocery store before the game (and bringing it in the largest bag/backpack the stadium allows along with baby wipes and sunscreen).

Fabris even has some great tips specific to Angels Stadium – so if they’re you’re team, you’re in even better shape! How about I STFU and let you check the sauce for the rest of his tips?!